The top 100 of medieval castles

In Europe and Asia more than 10.000 medieval castles can be found. selected the most beautiful and interesting castles and ranked them in a top 100 list. The construction of this list is explained in the menu background. You can contribute by voting on your favorite castles: find the castle, click on it and submit your rating. At the end of a year all ratings will be added to the top 100 list. The total list contains almost 1,000 castles. This makes it possible to show toplists per country or region, this can be helpfull for planning your holiday castle trips. These are the top twelve of the list:

Rate your favorite castle for the top 100

Every square picture of a castle on this site links to the information page of that castles. In the sitebar left you can rate the castle with a score from 1 to 10. The rating of the castle is used to create the top 100 list. The castles with the highest ratings are listed separately in the visitors top 100. The pictures below represent the top twelve castles of this list:
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