Attempt to create a neutral rating for a castle top 100

What makes a castle a Topcastle?

First: The "charisma" of a castle, a combination of its strategic location, through which the castle appears to dominate the landscape, the design that pairs beauty to an awe inspiring deterrence and the used materials through which the castle appears to dissolve its surroundings. Ditches with drwbridges, towers with battlements, halls with crosses and swords and dungeons and secret courses stand symbol for jurisdiction and protection only also for oppression and cruelty. A topkasteel recalls memories of sieges and conquests, famous inhabitants and prisoners, destruction and reconstruction and affirms its myths and ghost stories.

The proposition of is that the extent in which a castle meets this description is proportional to the attention that castle gets in books about castles and on the internet. A beautiful castle, a turbulent history or a remarkable military architecture inspires authors and photographers. In a nutshell, a topcastle can measured by the amount of stories and photographs it appears in. The authors and editors of books and websites make a virtual jury through their selection of castles, photographs and lay the basis for this castle top 100.

Calculation of the top 100 scores uses two ratings to calculate the top 100 score:
  • the appearance of the castle in specific sources
  • the rating of the castle given by visitors of
The final score of a castle is the sum of the sources score plus the visitors rating.

Calculation of the sources scores

The scores of the castles top 100 is calculated by simply start to count how often a castle is described in books about castles (approximately 40 books, they generate 70% of the entire score)

Calculation of the score for the Visitors Top 100

Each castle gets an initial score of 5. Upon the first score the average rating is calculated. A first score of 10 results than in a rating of (5+10)/2 = 7.5. The average score is recalculated automatically on every vote.

Calculation of the total score

In January 1st of each year the visitor rating of a castle is added to the sources code to calculate the new top 100 for that year. Relatively in the end score, the sources score weighs twice as much as the visitors rating.

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