Saone (Citadel of Salah Ed-Din, Saladin's Burcht)

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Country:  Syria Founder: 
Building structure:  Donjon in curtain wall
Place:  Qalaat Salah ad-Din Castle type:  Rock castle
Era:  10-th century Condition:  Ruined/Partly remained
Description:  Emperor John I Tzimiskes gained control of the place from the Aleppan Hamdanid dynasty, and built the first of its defensive structures. It then fell in the hands of the Crusaders at around the beginning of the 12th century. It is mentioned that in 1119 ???
Remarkable:  One of the most magnificent features of the fortress is the 28 m deep ditch, which was cut into living rock probably by the Byzantines (it might have been completed by the Crusaders). This ditch, which runs 156 meters along the east side, is 14 to 20 mete???
Location:  Latitude: 35.595833
Longitude: 36.057222

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